Links I enjoy
These are some sites that I enjoy! I thought I would share them with you.

Ettienne's own pageThis is a wonderful site! A feel good place.

A Tour Of My Rose GardenA lovely site with beautiful pictures.
Encyclopedia of RosesThis is a wonderful site...lots of info on Roses.
Welcome to Where This is a very interesting site!
Foxy Lady's Den and Pub A really neat place!
Rosie's Home on the Bayou! Don't miss this one!
Joe & Mindy's Rose Links!!A great site for those who love roses.
When The Sky Fell - In Search of AtlantisFor anyone interested in the Lost Continent of Atlantis, this is a must see.
The Armchair GardenerWith this site anyone can become a good garderner
THE GODFATHER TrilogyFor all fans of the "Godfather" Movies.
Stuck in the '70sFor all those displaced folks like me.( Not quite baby boomers or Gen Xers.) Check this out!
Guide to hurricane information When it's is Hurricane season. Unfortunately we have to watch out for these Ugly storms.Historical Hurricane Track Information We have been hit by 2 major Hurricanes and almost wiped out! Here is some infomation of past storms.This is a really good link on the storms that have hit Us
The Hawaii Five-O Home Page This was the longest running Police Drama on T.V. It ran for 12 years.
Ancient Greece and RomeA wonderful look back.
A HREF="">Philosophy Sources on the InternetPhilosophy! Everybody has their own. I enjoy reading others as well. This comprohensive site, Has tons of links.
GREECE - Mythology & HistoryMythology studied for those who share the same interests.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Classical...A musical delight! Classical music to soothe the soul.
Welcome to the Old Craft (Frames version)Herbal Medecine at it's finest!
The Steel Magnolia & Co. A wonderful site.
Cook's Thesaurus: Spice Mixes A wonderful Site with lots of information about spices for "spicing" up your reciepes. Home PageWines of all kinds. Information galore. A must see for the wine lover.
THE ENGLISH POETRY FULL-TEXT DATABASEA wonderful site for Poetry Lovers.
European Literature - Electronic TextsLiterature of Europe!
Windows On Italy - Main IndexItaly! The Ultimate European Destination! Or try this onePlanet Italy
Welcome To the Gone With the Wind HomepageA great site!
The History Net - Where History Lives on the WebAhh! American History! We all learn from the past.
Joke CityGet the best jokes on the net.
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