My Grandfather

My grandfather was happy
he liked to dance and sing
He made us laugh and smile
He was like a day in spring.

He was so warm and kind
He was so handsome and sweet.
He was my eyes' joy,
to him I would retreat.

He made me feel
like all was right
He had smiles and hugs
in the morning or night.

He never got mad
he never was mean,
He was the nicest person
I have ever seen.

One day the Lord said:
It is time to come Home.
On this weary Earth
You'll never more roam.

So now my Grandfather,
is at peace and at rest
I will see you someday
You are the very best.

In memory of Buddy.

I remember when I found you,
Or was it you that found me?
I remember the day we met,
that day sitting by the tree.

Just sitting there waiting
for a friend like you,
and suddenly you appeared
as if out of the blue.

For two years you were mine
and you were my loyal friend.
The love you always gave me,
until the very end.

Now you are free
from the suffering and the pain.
Watching over me still
In sunshine and in rain.

I miss you, dear Buddy
my old dear friend
and I will remember you always,
until we meet again.